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After you log into Coins-E, click on manage funds, scroll down to Bitcoin and click "get deposit address". Send Bitcoin to this address to begin trading.
If a coin is under maintenance it means that there are issues with that coins wallet. This can happen for a number of reasons including but not limited to forks, peers, server or security issues, and overall coin or network health. When a wallet is in maintenance deposits and withdrawals are not possible due to the potential for transaction errors. You may still be able to trade the coins that are already in our system.
Unfortunately there is no way to reverse a transaction once it is in the blockchain. The only possibility is to contact the owner of that wallet and ask them to send it back.

Coins and Trading

Start by completing this form. Your coin will then be added to our voting list to gauge community support. If enough interest is demonstrated an announcement will be made and a market for your coin will be created.
Order partially executed means that a buyer or seller was found but they did not want to trade as many coins as you. It means we are still waiting for a match for the rest of the order.
This means that the market is closed so trading is no longer possible. Deposits and withdrawals may still be possible if the coin (not coin pair) is not in maintenance. If a coin has been identified for removal we will first put all coin pairs into maintenance before putting the coin into maintenance.
Our trading fees are 0.15%. Wallet fees vary per coin and are charged on withdrawal. These are the transaction fees charged to us by each respective coin. For example every bitcoin transaction costs 0.002 BTC which is awarded as incentive to miners
Orders are not completed until a buy/sell match is found. If an order is taking awhile it means no buyer/seller agrees with your price. You may want to consider adjusting your order to reflect current market demands.
If a user sets a sell price and there are users on the market buying at a higher price, then the sell order will run at the higher price. If a user sets a buy price and there are users on the market selling cheaper than that, then the buy order will run at the lower price.
Yes but be careful. Poorly programmed bots can execute trades that you don’t want them to and some 3rd party software has malicious intent such as key loggers.


2 factor authentication is an additional layer of security required on top of a username and password. With 2fa enabled withdrawals will be impossible without a unique token that is sent to your phone whenever a withdrawal is attempted. This protects you from phishing attempts, keyloggers, and other hack attempts. We strongly recommend using 2fa.
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We hold 85% of funds in an offline linux wallet. 15% are stored on an encrypted hot-wallet for trading. We check the wallets daily to ensure we frequently move assets offline for security purposes.


Fees and Pair Info

Listed below are the fee schedules for currency pairs on Coins-e

Fee Schedule

The fee schedules is fixed. We charge 0.15% per trade and a withdrawal fee to cover the network costs. Other fee considerations:

  • Fees are charged on a per-trade basis.
  • Fees are calculated as a percentage of the trade's quote currency volume.
  • A withdrawal fee is added taking into account the network fee for the coin pair.
  • User fee volume levels are measured and applicable for trades occurring in the last 30 days only.