Who are we?

We are based in Toronto, Canada with the dedicated mission to bring you the best and most secure experience in crypto currency trading. We are crypto enthusiasts that have been involved in software development, security and management for a collective 15 years. Due to the unreliability of most other trading applications we felt it was or duty to serve the community through building a transparent and reliable platform. We give you peace of mind knowing your funds are safe and we strive to develop the best possible experience.

If you’d like to learn more about us reach out to us at [email protected]

What makes us unique?

Superior trading engine - we redesigned our entire system to be scalable and execute trades in fraction of seconds. Our propietary matching algorithms make our order book smart and responsive allowing you to place orders with speed.

Security minded - Security makes the world of difference. The approach we are taking to secure customer funds is using elastic offline storage distributed on multiple wallets. This strategy ensures that almost 90% of funds are stored offline in a vault. We keep roughly 10% in a hot wallet for trading in an encrypted wallet that is monitored 24/7. We encourage 2FA and make it mandatory for API usage. Every decision we make is a decision with security in mind.

Robo-friendly - We are robo-friendly. We have created an easy API that provides full control over your wallet. All of the functionality that you find in our website will be made available via the API. We support all of the major features, allowing you to trade, deposit and do withdraw.

Coin profiles - Submit a profile for your coin and let the community decide what they think. Coin profiles bridges the gap between developers and traders by offering a consolidated location for all the information on any coin pair.


Casa Crypto LLC is an Ontario corporation that owns the Coins-e platform.

  • Casa Crypto LLC
  • 55 King st West
  • Suite 715
  • Kitchener, Ontario

If you have any questions and want to get in touch with out team, feel free to contact with us, in one of the next emails:

We will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

You can also find us on twitter, #coins_e and on IRC #Coinse channel via Freenode.


27 10 2014 12:00AM

  • Startcoin and MaryJ have now been listed and available for trading

15 10 2014 12:00AM

  • Please use 2FA to secure your account

10 10 2014 12:00AM

  • Introducing the new Coins-e Beta Launch

01 10 2014 12:00AM

  • Bizcoin has been removed from markets for lack of activity. Wallets will be removed within 14 days.