Blackwidow mining rig setup

So, I recently purchased the GAWMiner blackwidow Asic rig. Ordered online - process was pretty straight forward and the delivery came about 2 weeks later. They promised to deliver within 5 days but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. It came with a Zencontroller Rasberry PI with no instructions on the setup. This was absolutely infuriating as the setup was not working. I read multiple instructions, flashed the SD card and tried different cables with no avail. Could not figure out how to run ZenOS and mine using the controller. Instead, I just configured it using my PC. You need to get an extra power supply (try for 650 WATTS - I tried 600 and it burnt out). If you’re not familiar how to boot up a power supply without connecting to a mother board this was a little tricky at first. I took a paperclip cut it in half and attached one end to the black wire and another to the green. Their is only one wire that has different colours and I covered it with electric tape.

. Now, the setup for the miner was pretty straight forward.First you need to install the drivers needed here:

 I downloaded BFGminer and added a text file saved as a .bat the following code:

bfgminer –scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u 1A8n6c2HE9EALCgFWLne19FsSyKtixQhyN -p x –zeus-cc 64 –zeus-clk 328 –request-diff 128 -S zeus:\.\COM6 –no-submit-stale

*Note* Only thing you should change is the mining pool, COM port (6) and btc address. Clevermining is great as it finds the most profitable coin and pays out in BTC. COM port can be found in your device manager after installing the driver. 

Everything worked great when executing the BAT file from my PC.