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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna

Survivor Coin won this weeks voting!

This weeks voting leader: Survivor Coin!


Survivor Coin uses the economical X11 hashing algo making mining feasible for the post-apocalypse survivor. You can never be too ready. The wallet also comes with a build in MMORPG where players can mine coins through “in game scavenging”. An interesting concept. We have seen coins die off when the miners move on to something else but what we haven’t seen is a lack of gamers.

Such features come with a cost though. Game developers cost money. 50% of the 10’000 SVR IPO was committed to the MMO. The IPO had a fixed price at .001 BTC which is fairer than a pre-sale that goes to the highest bidder.

It was a close race with Bitcentavo coming out of nowhere to take second place.

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Coin Removal Process

Coin Removal Process
        Coins will be selected for removal based on volume and overall coin health such as forks, peers, and hashing power. Once a coin has been identified for removal we will announce it here, on twitter, facebook, and www.Coins-e.com. Users will eventually have the option to subscribe for e-mail notification of their favourite coins. The community then has three (3) days to show their support for a coin if they do not want it to be removed. If the community is unresponsive the market will be closed.
      Trading is no longer possible once the market is closed. Another notification will be sent out advising the withdrawal of all delisted coins. If the coin is being removed for health reasons withdrawals should be made immediately as transactions can not be guaranteed if for example a coin has no peers. We will keep wallets open for one week after the market has been closed. A final notification will be sent out twenty-four (24) hours before the coin wallets are removed.
Feel free to contact us for any questions: [email protected]
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